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Bad Right Breast, the podcast, talks through the dirty truths and personal experiences of people living with the horrible disease that is cancer. The first year of the podcast will consist of 3 interspersed series that focus on breast cancer.

The first series is MY STORY, which features the creator and host, Laurie Brown Kindred’s story through stage 3 breast cancer, documented since it started in 2011. Months before she was to be nine years cancer free, she discovered that her cancer had metastasized to her spine at the start of the pandemic.


The second series is THEIR STORIES. Over the course of two months, Laurie interviewed over a dozen women, who each talked through their own individual experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer.


The third series is YOUR STORIES, which is just that. We want to hear from you. Whether you’ve been diagnosed, are a caregiver, or have a loved one going through or has passed away from the disease. Call us with your story at 646-494-4962 or email us at And let us know if you want your story to be kept anonymous, or use a pseudo-name.


Please join us as we talk through issues that you don’t necessarily hear on the news or in the doctor’s office, but are things that anyone who has dealt with cancer lives through each and every day – by that we mean every single person you know. Because cancer knows no prejudice and affects everyone. Please join us for Bad Right Breast.


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